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Welcome to the Show

TINY TINY TINY 21.06.18_WTTS_Theatrical-

Four best friends, on a wild last hurrah as college students, attend a piece of immersive theatre called "The Show." They find themselves on an adventure far different from what they had expected, falling down the rabbit hole of suspicion, confusion, and danger, testing their friendships and their sanity as they seek to discover what "The Show" truly is. 

The film was shot entirely on location in Richmond, Virginia over the winter of 2019-2020. The film had its world premiered at the Cinequest Film Festival 2021 and is distributed by Gravitas Ventures.


Starring rising talent Richard Follin, Dillon Douglasson,

Keegan Garant, and Christopher Martin. 


Featuring an Original Soundtrack by Pickled Bones:

Andrew Bonieskie & Dillon Douglasson.

Executive Producer - Eric Dexter

Co-Executive Producer - Stamatios Tom Hiotis

Produced by S.C.V. Taylor and Dorie Barton

Written & Directed by Dorie Barton

Cinematography by Alex Kent 

Co-edited by Tyler Scheerschmidt 

Production Design by Alyssa Sutherland

Originial Soundtrack by Pickled Bones

Sound Design by Chip Sovek 

Color by Kevin Barker 

Poster Design by The Hatchery 

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Released by Gravitas Ventures 

Available widely in the US and Canada On Demand 

Press Quotes

"Becoming a filmmaker, I realized [that] by being a writer and director, you kind of get to be everybody. You get to have that experience of playing all the parts, as when you have a dream and everyone in the dream really is kind of some version of you. So even though as a filmmaker I’m not literally being the actor — in that situation, it still feels the same. So I get to feel like I’ve lived this whole other multilayered life." - Dorie Barton


Interview with R. Anthony Harris of RVA Mag           Photos by Kimberly Frost

“Writer-director Dorie Barton, whose film Girl Flu. is a must-see, gives audiences a whole lot to chew on in her sophomore feature. The cast is extraordinary. Each of our four leads gives a distinct and powerful performance. Their emotional journeys are thoroughly surprising. Richard Follin, Dillon Douglasson, Keegan Garant, and Christopher Martin, bravo, gentleman. That final shot is physically jarring and brilliant. Welcome To The Show is the epitome of independent film in the best ways.” - Reel News Daily 

Welcome to the Show, Dorie Barton’s messed-up mindbender doubles down on the satire. We’re just as disoriented and intrigued as they are in this curiosity with a great cast that gets into a weird groove.” - San Jose Mercury News

Welcome to the Show suggests that while the ultimate truth may remain unknowable, new experiences will get you closer. And life, like improvisational theater, works best when you drop your baggage and say “Yes, and...” - Films Gone Wild



Soundtrack Album - by Pickled Bones

Pickled Bones - Andrew Bonieskie & Dillon Douglasson - created a phenomenal original Soundtrack Album for

The Show on Spotify and wherever you get your music.

Check out their website for

Music Videos of performances from the Soundtrack; 

a chat between Andrew, Dillon, and writer-director Dorie Barton, and more.

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